Battle of the Brands: Elevenia #MendadakDijajanin X Matahari Mall #MauGayaItuGampang

The competition between e-commerce companies in Indonesia has been pretty intense for the last few years. Each company tries to win over customers by offering discounts, coupons, and any other interesting promos.

Elevenia and Matahari Mall are two of the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia that seem to keep giving discounts and other promos to their customers. This month, they came up with different digital campaigns to reward their loyal customers. They hope these campaigns will urge people to keep using their e-commerce platform to shop online

Elevenia’s #MendadakDijajanin gained more buzz on social media

As you may have noticed, this is the fourth time Elevenia has held its’ #MendadakDijajanin campaign. It turns out that this campaign was held to celebrate Elevenia’s birthday. This year marks Elevenia’s four years serving as an e-commerce company in Indonesia. To reward their loyal customers, Elevenia decided to conduct a digital campaign called #MendadakDijajanin.

Through this special campaign, customers were encouraged to take a photo of themselves with a screenshot of a product they want to buy, post it to Instagram, and tag Elevenia’s account. Then the company would pick eleven lucky winners.

And it seems like the #MendadakDijajanin campaign is succeeding since it generated 547,631 buzz with a total of 2,128 posts. Elevenia also worked together with several influencers to gain engagement. The top Instagram post was from @banggaber, with 9591 likes and 153,968 reaches.

MatahariMall’s #MauGayaItuGampang generated more engagements through influencer

Elevenia isn’t the only e-commerce that wants to reward their loyal customers. Matahari Mall also conducted a similar campaign called #MauGayaItuGampang. They asked people to follow Matahari Mall’s Instagram account and upload their OOTD (outfit of the day) photo wearing their favorite outfit. Each photo must include the #MauGayaItuGampang on their caption. Winners will receive shopping vouchers from Matahari Mall.

Compared to Elevenia’s campaign, Matahari Mall’s #MauGayaItuGampang generated less buzz (37,953). During March 1st to 8th, there were only 149 posts found in total. However, thanks to a post from user @alffy_rev, it seems like Matahari Mall’s campaign generated a bit more engagement since the user’s post itself gained 24,332 likes and 329,600 reaches.

Elevenia’s #MendadakDijajanin campaign has ended on March 11th, 2018 and Matahari Mall’s #MauGayaItuGampang contest finished yesterday (1st April 2018).  Are you the lucky winner?!