Battle of The Brands: McDonald’s #RayakanHarapan VS Texas Fried Chicken’ #KumpulMakmur

Who doesn’t like fried chicken? It’s the Holy Grail of fast food item in any restaurant chains in the world. That tender, delicious meat wrapped in a crispy skin is very hard to resist. In Indonesia, you can find many fast food chains in every city you live in. These fast food chains are continuously competing to win their customer’s hearts. Two of them are McDonald’s and Texas Fried Chicken.

Around the new year, McDonald’s and Texas has launched special campaigns with different purposes. However, both of them successfully make their customers excited to start the new year with a positive attitude.

McDonald’s #RayakanHarapan Generates More Posts

For McDonald’s, a new year means a new hope. Through a digital campaign called #RayakanHarapan, McDonald’s ask their customers to upload selfie picture with “Meja Harapan” (Table of Hope) or “Jendela Harapan” (Window of Hope). People are encouraged to take a selfie with those items, write their hopes or dreams, and upload the photos to Instagram using hashtag #RayakanHarapan.

McDonald’s have to put several Meja Harapan and Jendela Harapan in their entire restaurant chains in Indonesia. McDonald’s will pick three of the most interesting selfies and the most inspiring hopes. Then, McDonald’s will help them to make their dreams come true.

It’s a very positive campaign, isn’t it? No wonder the #RayakanHarapan hashtags generates 165 posts from 129 users on Instagram from December 15th to January 12th. The campaign itself is still going on until February 18th, 2017. Out of all those Instagram users, there are three accounts that gain the most engagement rating, which are @gustypratama (25,060 followers), @yumnakemal (89,542 followers), and @jejesoekarno (182,457 followers).

Texas #KumpulMakmur Has More Likes on Instagram

Texas runs the campaign with hashtag #KumpulMakmur which also takes place around the new year but it has a quite different purpose from McDonald’s #RayakanHarapan campaign. Through this campaign, Texas wants to introduce a new meal packs called Kumpul Makmur. There are three meal packs that Texas offers and each of them consists of a different menu.

In English, Kumpul Makmur can be translated as “cheap gathering” as the price of the Texas meals is very affordable. Texas wants people to have a good time with their friend or family without having worry about the meal. That’s why they come up with this #KumpulMakmur campaign.

The campaign generates fewer posts than McDonald’s #RayakanHarapan, which are 148 posts from 56 users. Interestingly, Texas’ #KumpulMakmur campaign gains 98,578 likes, way higher than McDonald’s 5,003 total likes on Instagram. This campaign also generates engagements from three of the most influential accounts: @123lucky32 (1,028 followers), @eatfever (49,221 followers), and @jrsugianto (3,457,838 followers).

Texas’ #KumpulMakmur campaign has already ended on January 31st, 2017 but there’s still time for you to join the McDonald’s #RayakanHarapan contest. Who knows you’ll be one of the winners! Don’t miss it!

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