Earthquake Shakes The City, Community Virals The Hoax

A cloudy afternoon in Jakarta suddenly becomes a bit chaotic as people gather at the evacuation point near office or mall. An earthquake with magnitude 6.1 surprisingly trills some of city both Java and Sumatra island. Not only Jakarta that can sense the quake but also cities like Bogor, Tangerang, Bandung, Lampung, and Yogyakarta

The main point of the earthquake appears at 4.3 km to the south of Cilangkahan, Banten, within a depth of 61 feet from sea level. Taken from Kompas (24/01/18), Daryono as Head of Earthquake Information and Tsunami Emergency alert of Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, & Geofisika (BMKG) says that the earthquake happens due to the pressure between of Eurasian plate with Indo-Australia plate. It’s almost the same with the previous earthquake which happened 15 December 2017.

Surprisingly, this natural disaster becomes a place of opportunity for the community in spreading the latest information about this incident in some places which will become viral on social media. However, some of them sadly a Hoax which only leads to the spread of fears and worries to some people. Some people intentionally use it to elevate the trends in a wrong way and also make them famous in one night.

For example, this video which in number 8 trending on YouTube shows national monument (MONAS) “dance” until almost collapsed due to the earthquake and receives more than 112,500 views with 3,175 engagements on it. Also, some people use this moment to spread some hyperbola statement that actually didn’t make sense and consider as the spread of fear. This tweet below able to gain 49 replies, 164 retweets, and 287 likes. The tweet was a reason for earthquake happens due to LGBT support from the certain community in this country.

As most of the keyword related to earthquake buzz on social media, Sonar Platform tracks them with their tool and the result was surprisingly high. The keyword “Gempa Bumi” able to receive 23,433 total buzz with 110 negative sentiments. On Twitter, two words that become trending topic are #gempa (41,787 posts) and Lebak (59,569 posts). One of the most viewed forum articles is Jakarta Digoyang Gempa, Pusat di Banten with more than 25,000 views

We need to keep aware of any sudden natural disaster which will happen in the future. Therefore, don’t use that situation as the opportunity to share any Hoax information. We shouldn’t let others spread false or hateous information. In the end, stop shares Hoax stuff or any negative statement and start to deliver facts with more data detail on it to elevate the information


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